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POD 22 April 2015: From bad to worst – Mullinnix is dead in water. The entire Engineering Department is working 24/7. Got to love those snipes. You ever been ‘in the hole’? Would you rather spend two hours in the aft boiler room or would you rather be drug naked over a cactus with your mouth over the tailpipe of a Greyhound bus? Or just maybe, would you rather sandpaper the asshole of an alligator in a phone booth? The rest of crew is focused on survival, waiting on the destroyer tender, USS Shenandoah (AD-26), and her vast machine shops.

I was still a kid when I joined the Navy. The ocean and its waves raised me and I was better for it. My friends of 1973 helped shape me into who I am today – both good and bad and the ugly. My life on Mullinnix I remember in terms of images, smells, and sounds rather than historical events --- gun mounts and the smell of spent powder, bug juice, salt air, low rumble and steady vibration of the turning screws, smell of JP5 jet fuel and mystery meat --- that had obviously been created as a cinematic tribute to my youth.

I do remember one guy, good guy most of the time. While steaming in the Atlantic, he was sitting on the 01 Level aft of MT52. He was holding a folded sheet in his right hand, staring at it silently. Finally, one lone tear dropped on the paper, rolled down a crease, and plopped to the deck, splattering in the no-skid. I asked what was wrong. “It’s about the strongest human emotion,” he said quietly as his eyes searched the sea. “The only one that lasts for generations.” “Revenge?” I asked, smiling like a moron. “No,” he said, “Love.”

FTG3 Frank Wood (aka "Woody") has had his injured knee replaced and is doing better – stiffness and swelling more than pain. Looking to the Lord Jesus Christ to get us through these many many trials. Have realized it was always there - through faith I now see. Blessings to all...

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Everyday heroes. We honor God when we honor one another...

"When evening comes, you say, 'It will be fair weather, for the sky is red, and in the morning, 'Today it will be stormy, for the sky is red and overcast.' You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times."
Jesus Christ
Matthew 16:2-3

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When's the last time you saw one of these?    

          Last All-Gun Destroyer In US History     
he belonged to the Forrest Sherman Class - the last Destroyer Class in US Naval History to sport 100% gun armament. The USS Hull was the last 'all-gun' destroyer in the Pacific to be decommissioned, earlier in 1982.

month later, the Mullinnix was the last 'all-gun' Destroyer anywhere to be decommissioned. The end of an era was complete with that decommissioning. The United States Navy will never again see a fighting ship with ALL guns.


There's Two Types of Ships:
Destroyers and the Destroyed

Back Cover - Mullinnix Commissioning Brochure

estroyer: A high-speed warship designed to operate offensively with strike forces, with hunter-killer groups, and in support of amphibious assault operations. Destroyers also operate defensively to screen support forces and convoys against submarine, air, and surface threats. Normal armament consists of 3-inch and 5-inch dual-purpose guns and various antisubmarine warfare weapons. Designated as DD.

Ship's Song from the 50/60's
(Colonel Bogey's March)

Ship's Song from the 70's
(Riders On The Storm)

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"Any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction: I served in the United States Navy."

John F. Kennedy
Remarks at the United States Naval Academy
1 August, 1963

All veterans deserve a parade - a chance for the nation to say thank you.
We didn't do that for Vietnam Veterans.

"Remember, it takes a MAN to ride a TIN CAN!"
Quote 'borrowed' from BT3 Joe Stanford, in the 'hole' on the USS Edson DD-946, somewhere on the 7 seas...

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